Rafael Svarin is a New York based actor with experience in producing and directing.
He wishes he had more to say here just to make the paragraph a bit longer. For purely aesthetic reasons.

Rafael was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland and right away launched his acting career in the role of "Newborn" where he convincingly pretended to be happy to have been ripped out of his mother's comforting womb, only to be thrown into this nasty world with nothing but his naked body to express what his mind thinks.

During the next few safe and quiet, yet mostly happy years he learned to perfect his technique and skills in order to be prepared for the ordeals of puberty and high school.

He survived. Barely.

After breaking his back, back in 2010, Rafael decided to move to New York to break a leg - in the hopes of ending up in a cast for a long time...

He ended up in a few casts since arriving to this concrete jungle of opportunists and keeps breaking legs and the bank.

All in good spirit, of course.